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Training & Orientation Sessions

DST Advisory Group understands that implementing the R&D Tax Credit requires participation from various departments and people within your organization. We provide training and tutorials to help your team prepare for and execute their roles.

Tailored to your industry and needs

Our team of experts can come in and conduct tutorial or training sessions with your entire team. This provides an update on the eligibility of qualified research activities as defined under Section 41 of the IRC, as well as the nature of the qualified research expenses that are also eligible. These sessions are tailored to the industry and needs of the taxpayer. Our experts bring in real life examples from a wide range of industries to provide context and answer specific questions. We speak your language and we ensure full comprehension of all the content covered.

Updates on changes to legislation or pending legislation will help shape the study preparation. This is reviewed and discussed, as relevant to the taxpayer’s situation. These sessions bring the Research Tax Credit into the forefront, allowing it to become part of the company’s culture. By getting subject matter experts (SMEs) talking about the Research Tax Credit throughout the year, and gaining a strong understanding of it, a higher, more sustainable credit follows.

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Our Process

Step 1 – Assessment and Scheduling

Where applicable, DST will conduct a preliminary analysis in order to estimate the Research Tax Credit (RTC) benefit available under the Agreement Period. The deliverable from this step will include a “Project Initiation Letter” which may also include a proposed work plan outlining the action items to accomplish the remaining steps, and a time frame for completion.

Step 2 – Facility Site Visit(s)

This step will involve strategic site visit(s) and/or conference calls with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) of the Client, as approved by the Client. The deliverable from this step may include Site Visit Summary of Findings Report(s).

Step 3 – Analysis of Qualified Research Activities (QRAs) and Qualified Research Expenses (QREs)

This step will involve a review of the activities, expenditures and contemporaneous documentation under the Agreement Period. The review will include qualification and exclusions found under IRC Section 41, regulations and case law. This step will also include the preparation of DST tools for documentation of QRAs, QREs and contemporaneous documentation.

Step 4 – Preparation of RTC Calculations & Forms

This step will involve the preparation of the necessary Federal & State RTC calculations for tax return filing purposes (or for tax attribute schedules). DST will provide support with regards to any review of such information by Client’s external tax return preparer, where applicable. Such support will be considered part of Schedule B – Fees for Services Rendered.

Step 5 – Technical Nexus

DST will develop an RTC framework that establishes “Nexus” among qualified activities, expenditures and corroborative records. The Nexus framework will be outlined in the Legend Narrative.

Step 6 – Project Management and Review

The DST management team will oversee project implementation, review and delivery, where applicable.

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