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DST Advisory Group specializes in providing large and multinational companies with expert guidance for their R&D Tax Credit claim. Our Engineers and Scientists work directly with your Engineers and Scientists to increase in-house awareness and collaboration, build efficiencies for enhanced compliance, and obtain more documentation for substantiation. Partnering with DST means your business will receive an exceptional R&D Tax Credit Study – substantiated and documented with the facts.

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News & Updates

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Industry Spotlight

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Industry Spotlight

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Historically, many companies fail to make an RTC claim because they falsely assume that the program is restricted to “High Tech” companies. The fact is that virtually any company may have qualified research activities (QRAs) at any given time. In general, if some of your staff are engaged in solving technological problems for which a solution is not readily apparent, there is a good chance that the work they are doing is fully or partially eligible. Explore some of the industries we support in successful R&D Tax Credit claims.

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The Research Tax Credit (RTC) is a generous incentive program that rewards companies of any size for conducting research activities in the United States. The credit is a dollar for dollar reduction of federal taxes owed. The majority of states also offer a similar incentive based on the federal criteria. Explore DST Advisory Group’s specific services to learn how we can support your claims process.

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Every project provides an opportunity to further inform our delivery of service. Our case studies provide specific descriptions of our process in action. Covering a range of scenarios, industries and challenges, these profiles offer detailed insights that may be relevant to your needs. Find out why working with R&D tax credit specialists can achieve superior results for your company.